Our Software

MR PI stocks various cell phone monitoring packages.

The software allows you to listen in and monitor activities in the location of the phone. This is made possible by the software activating your phone’s microphone and video camera.

Our packages also enable the capturing of all conversations to and from the phone.

MR PI works all over South Africa with branches across Gauteng and in Cape Town and Durban.

Our software is compatible with all android smart phones and all IOS smart phones except those running version 11.4.1


Pro Features

  • SMS/Email capture Access all sms’s and email sent and received by the phone
  • Track via GPS Track the coordinates of a GPD enabled cell phone
  • Call Listings Gain access to all call lists and message logs from a remote location
  • Listen Remotely Use the phones microphone to listen to live conversations in the vicinity of the phone.
  • Track via GSM Track phone location using cell phone towers
  • Intercept Calls Listen in on calls coming to and going from the target phone
  • Data Access Gain access to all directory contacts, photos , reminders from a remote location
  • Sim agnostic Monitor phone even if sim changed.
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  • 2 week licence R1350
  • 1 month licence R1650
  • 3 month licence R3200
  • 6 month licence R4200
  • 1 year licence R4950

Infidelity Investigators Software - Locations

We service the whole of South Africa and neighbouring countries with software.

We have branches in the major cities of Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth